JATOS results export not working? Try this...

It took me a while to figure out!

Recently, I was trying to export my results data from a study that was running on a local version of JATOS. However, the export would hang and the operation would never complete.

There were only 7 data files, so I felt this could not be a memory issue.

After some trial and error, I noticed that Google Chrome was blocking 3rd party cookies. I disabled this setting and viola, the data were able to export fine!

I’m making this post so anyone else who’s in the same position and googling can find a solution here.

Christopher J Wilson
Christopher J Wilson
Associate Professor of Psychology

Experimental psychologist with interest in decision making, risk, attention, perception and virtual reality. Open to collaborations with researchers, third sector organisations and industry in the areas of financial decision-making, efficacy of financial education, the effects of psychological stress/distress on financial behaviour. I code lab & web-based behavioural studies using JavaScript / python. I use fNIRS, Eyetracking and VR in research. I conduct analysis in R. https://research.tees.ac.uk/en/persons/chris-wilson