cobifnirs: a new R package for importing and processing fNIRS data from COBI Studio

I have released an alpha version of my new R package, cobifnirs. This package is designed to import and process fNIRS data from COBI Studio. The package is available on github and details can be found on the package website:

This is a development version and I am actively working on it. I would welcome any feedback or suggestions for improvements.


The Cobi Studio software is a popular tool for collecting fNIRS data for users of BioPac fNIRS hardware. However, the data output from Cobi Studio is not in a format that is immediately usable for analysis in R. The cobifnirs package provides functions to import and process this data, making it easier to work with in R. The work is a continuation of my previous work on fNIRS data processing in R, which I posted about here:

Current functionality

The package currently provides functions to import data from Cobi Studio, add markers to the data, identify weak or saturated signals and convert the light intensity values to changes in optical density. I am currently working on adding more functionality to the package, including functions to calculate the concentration changes in oxy- and deoxy-haemoglobin, and to plot the data.

Getting started

There is an introduction to the package on the package website:


I would welcome any feedback or suggestions for improvements. You can contact me via the contact form on this website or via the package website:

Citing the package

Wilson, Christopher J. 2024. “Cobifnirs: Import and Process fNIRS Data from COBI Studio in r.” doi:10.5281/zenodo.10912115.


Christopher J Wilson
Christopher J Wilson
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