Christopher J Wilson

Christopher J Wilson

Associate Professor of Psychology

Teesside University

Welcome to my (sporadically updated) webpage.

My current research interests include:

  • Financial Decision-making
  • Attention to and perceptions of risk and related decision making
  • Visual perception and attention
  • Human factors in technology
  • Behaviour in online environments
  • Exploring the use of virtual environments as an experimental tool for examining cognitive and visual processes

Open to collaborations with researchers, third sector organisations and industry in the areas of financial decision-making, efficacy of financial education, the effects of psychological stress/distress on financial behaviour. I code lab & web-based behavioural studies using JavaScript / python. I use fNIRS, Eyetracking and VR in research. I conduct analysis in R. 

I also consult and provide training on research design and development, data analysis and data intelligence. My aim is to help organisations use research and analysis to turn their data into usable intelligence.

Examples of some of the training I have delivered:

  • Reviewing research evidence
  • Research design and development
  • Data collection methods
  • Statistical analysis techniques
  • Communicating and presenting research

Additionally, I deliver training to external organisations on the use of R and SPSS statistical analysis software packages. Some examples of this include:

  • Descriptive statistical analysis
  • Inferential statistics and understanding significance
  • Correlation and regression analysis
  • Forecasting in R
  • Data visualisation in R
  • Interactive data visualisation and dashboards (i.e. RMarkdown, Shiny and FlexDashboard in R)








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